Eastside Women In Business is a warm and welcoming professional organization catered to meeting the unique needs of women in business. We are a supportive inclusive community and we love to help professional women and business owners:

  • Build Your Network and Connections
  • Learn Professional Skills
  • Market and Promote Your Business
  • Develop Collaborative Ventures
  • Benefit From A Strong Community Of Support 

We love to meet new people, learn about new businesses, and expand our sphere of support and connections.    Please consider attending one of our upcoming events to learn more about us, meet our members, and learn how Eastside Women In Business can provide opportunities for you and your business.

We hope your answers can be found below and encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about Membership and our organization. 

Learn more about EWIB and how we differ from many other professional women's organizations on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

We hope to see you at an upcoming event very soon!

~ Eastside Women In Business

Membership Benefits*

In addition to the valuable benefit of one-on-one and group networking, professional membership benefits* include:   

  • The ability to introduce yourself & your business to the room during most events
  • Increased visibility via your listing on our website Member's Directory and our Pinterest Directory - both linked to the online identity of your choice, ie. website, blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook Page, etc.
  • The opportunity to distribute your marketing materials via the Member's marketing tables at most events and meetings
  • Showcased regularly as a “Featured Member” for a day on EWIB’s Facebook Page and Twitter Account exposing you and your business to potentially thousands of viewers. (This benefit is limited to Participating** members.) 
  • The opportunity to reserve a private marketing & sales table at luncheons & evening socials along with a 5 minute commercial speech to the room to highlight your business, products, and services
  • 2-3 different styles of meetings and events to attend every month (ie. luncheons, book club, evening socials, and special workshops)
  • Educational or inspiring presentations and interactive exercises at most luncheons for professional and personal growth
  • The ability to participate in EWIB Member-to-Member discounts when applicable
  • Re-Posting and sharing of many of your social media posts, and mentions of your accounts, to our fans/followers thereby ehancing your marketing exposure to potentially 4000+ (This is a benefit of Participating members**)
  • Affiliation with an organization that supports local charities
  • Access to our active Member's Only Group on Facebook to network, build connections, and market your business online.
  • The opportunity to be part of a supportive group of professional women
  • The ability to list Membership as an accolade
  • The chance to be awarded a prestigious Wibbey Award© by other Members 

There will be opportunities to create alliances with other women in similar or complimentary businesses.  Meeting content will often include marketing and professional development strategies.  (See our Meetings page for upcoming topics.)  Your personal level of benefit will be proportional to your level of participation. 

* Eastside Women In Business reserves the right to change, add, cancel, or omit any benefit of membership without prior notice.

Membership Applications

Membership is open to adult women who have attended at least one EWIB event.  Application and bylaws agreements are available here and at meetings .  Membership activation occurs after we receive your papework, it is approved by EWIB's President, and payment of membership dues has been made in full.  We are an inclusive community but EWIB's President reserves the right to review each individual membership application and to refuse or terminate membership at her discretion.  Criteria shall be based on the Code of Ethics and Professional Etiquette guidelines.

If you've attended an EWIB event in the past year and are ready to enjoy the benefits of membership then please access your paperwork and activate your membership here:    

Join EWIB!


We love guests!  We are an inclusive community and we welcome you to attend our events! Guests are responsible for purchasing their own food and beverages at events and pay other associated costs at events.  note:  Other fees and costs may apply depending on the event, ie... parking costs.

We invite you to come to an upcoming meeting or event and look forward to meeting you very soon.  Click here to view a list of our upcoming events!

Membership Dues

Annual dues are currently $120.00 plus an account set-up fee of $35.00 due with application.  Membership is issued to individuals, not businesses, is non-transferrable and cannot be sold.  Dues and renewal fees are non-refundable. 

Please note that membership dues do not include meals/refreshments or supplies.  Each woman buys her own meals,  refreshments, and/or supplies as applicable at meetings and that additional fees may apply to special events and workshops such as but not limited to awards galas.  Please see our Meetings page for more information on respective events and meetings.

Renewals are due within 30 days of anniversary of member's initial membership payment.  Memberships that have not been renewed within the allotted time are considered resignations unless prior arrangements have been made with the Owner of EWIB. 

Former (resigned) members may request reinstatement after the 30 days time for the $35 re-set up account processing fee in addition to their annual dues. 

note:  Eastside Women In Business reserves the right to change its terms or fees at any time without advance notice.



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