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We request that guests attend at least one EWIB event in the past 12 months prior to applying.

If gu




Easy steps to apply...

1.  Attend an in-person EWIB event. View upcoming events.

2.  Print copies of both our application and bylaws (see right)

3.  Complete & sign them (takes approx. 5 mins)

4.  Return both forms back to us via email at 'admin@ewib.biz' or bring them to your next event

5.  Activate* your membership by paying your dues below.  

*Please note: Payment of dues alone does not formally activate your membership.  A fully completed and signed application, and signed bylaws must be submitted to us along with payment in order to become an official member and start receiving your benefits.




Please print, complete, and sign both documents.

Note: All EWIB documents and content are protected by Copyright Laws. All Rights Reserved. 





* Eastside Women In Business reserves the right to change, eliminate, or add any benefit of membership without advance notice.



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