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NOTICE: Eastside Women In Business will be closing on February 1, 2015. 

We have been blessed with an incredible journey filled with amazing women and we are honored to have met so many of you and are deeply appreciative of everyone that has supported us.  We wish you all the best success in your life and businesses!  ~ Elizabeth Tackett, President of Eastside Women In Business


Eastside Women In Business is a welcoming inclusive organization catered to meeting the unique needs of professional women. We are a supportive community that focuses on bringing professional women and business owners together to:

  • Build Your Network and Connections
  • Learn Professional Skills
  • Market and Promote Your Business
  • Develop Collaborative Ventures
  • Benefit From A Strong Community Of Support

We love to meet new women, learn about new businesses, and expand our sphere of support and connections.    Please consider attending one of our upcoming events to learn more about us, meet our members, and learn how Eastside Women In Business can help you in your career and your business.  Please also visit our Membership and FAQs pages to learn about membership and how we differ from many other professional women's organizations.


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